Who are we?

Lets keep it simple. We are two people with very distinctive work background. One of us being the designer(or artist) and the other one who looks at everything as lines of codes. But somehow we found a mutual passion for creating things digitally. Be it video games or apps, or certain artworks or logos, or be it creating an AI, we are up for it as we just Love to create things. We always work to the perfection (visually & programmatically) and for that, everything we make are attractive and delivers a very fluidic UI experience.

The Team







Our Clients :

Global data System

Works we Do

Web Development , Android App , Video Games 2D / 3D , AR(Augmented Reality), VR (Virtual Reality) , Data Entry , Translation , Alexa Skills , Google Assistant Actions , Digital Marketing (Adwords,Facebook).

The Questions

WHY US? – We deliver everything on time with the most creative content you have ever seen. WHAT’s DIFFERENT? – We work for delivering a near perfect product, be it our own games/apps OR designing and creating something for our clients, and not for how much it will cost or how much will it make. We make things to stand out. WHAT DO WE BASICALLY MAKE? – Well, we develop our own mobile games and apps within the studio and we also work for other studios/firms (basically our clients) for certain Artworks, Logos or maybe an entire project that includes the both of us working together.